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Wood, Vinyl, and Iron Fencing - Pros & Cons

Wood, Vinyl, and Iron Fencing - Pros & Cons


Wood Fencing

Wood is the timeless classic fencing option that everyone ideally wants on their property.


  • Classic look. Wood’s timeless look makes it a classic favorite.
  • Great for privacy. In addition to the creating picket fences, wood can be used to virtually wall-off your property.
  • Range of styles and colors. Wood is available in a range of styles. You can always paint over it any color you like.


  • Maintenance. Wood fencing requires considerable maintenance which can sometimes be exhausting and a bit on the expensive side.
  • Staining & treating needed. You may will have to stain or treat the wood fence for added protection. Regular repainting is also needed to avoid cracking.
  • Prone to insects and rot. Wood is a soft target for insects and rotting.


Vinyl Fencing

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6ft vinyl privacy
Standard Vinyl Privacy


Vinyl is your ideal no-hassle fencing option.


  • Easy installation. You can save on installation costs while enjoying a little home improvement project. No nail guns or air compressor needed.
  • Little maintenance. Vinyl saves you from the exhausting and expensive fence maintenance. 30 year warranty.
  • Durable and flexible. No need to worry about warping, rotting, or blistering. Vinyl’s flexibility adds to its longevity as it won’t snap or break as easily as wood might.
  • Variety of styles. Vinyl fencing is sold in a wide range of styles.
  • Child-friendly. Since vinyl doesn’t produce splinters, it’s especially a great option if you have small children or pets.


  • Slightly higher upfront cost. It costs a little more than wood, although lower maintenance can help offset the cost in the long run.

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Iron Fencing

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Iron pool style fence







Flat Top Pool Style Iron Fence

Wrought iron fencing is known for its beauty and durability.


  • Strong. Iron fencing is much stronger than wood and vinyl. Iron is also a durable material, so your iron fencing will last much longer than other fences.
  • Easy to Maintain.If you paint your iron fence, it becomes even easier to maintain since the paint coat will keep tiny pits in the metal from collecting substances that cause corrosion.
  • The pliable and elastic nature of iron makes it easy for designers to shape it into amazing patterns. You can have a very creative iron fencing for your house or property.


  • Expensive. Since the material is expensive to produce, iron fencing will cost more than wood or vinyl.
  • Difficult to handle. You might need professional installation services. Or need to rent some non traditional tools that you might not have in your tool box.
  • No privacy. An appealing iron fence design will not have bars so close together to keep people from seeing through the fencing.
  • Weather damage. With time, an iron fence will ultimately start corroding. Monthly checks for rust are a must.

So which is the best fencing option for you? It depends on your budget, preferences and the type of property you have. Give us a call 800-579-8045 or click here to request a quote.  We’ll help you choose the best fencing material.