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Wood vs. Vinyl: Which Material to Use for Picket Fence?

Installing a picket fence on your residential or commercial property offers various amazing benefits. Picket fences come in a variety of styles; some are aesthetically pleasing, some functionally superior, and others provide enhanced privacy. In short, a picket fence is a valuable addition to[...]

Landscaping Your Home for Summer

Temperature, rainfall, and other weather conditions during summers affect your lawn in a variety of ways. For the most part, the summer heat can turn the greenest gardens dry and brown. And let us not forget weed, moles, and other pests that become especially active during this season. Here we[...]

Choosing Between Round Rail and Square Rail Wood

There are several factors that affect the durability of a residential or a farm fence. These include the material used, as well as the height and the shape of the posts.  The sturdiness of a fence depends on how firmly its posts are set into the ground. If you are planning to install wooden[...]

Vinyl Panel Fences and their Benefits

Are you thinking of setting up a fence at your home or ranch? If you answered yes, then you need to read more about the reliable yet affordable fence panels made of vinyl. They are an excellent alternative to wooden fencing. But to make the most of a vinyl fence, it’s best that you learn more[...]

Will an Iron Garden Fence Improve Real Estate Value?

Homeowners, especially those want to resell, are always on the lookout for ways to increase real estate value. When it comes to fence installation, some do it for the aesthetics while others do it for security. But does a garden fence increase real estate value? We will try to answer this[...]

The Benefits of Vinyl Fencing

You may think that fences always have to be wood, with the same old slats and posts that you’ve seen all over the places for decades. Or if you want to get fancy, maybe you’ve thought about iron or metal fencing. But if you’re in the market for a new fence, you should consider all your options. [...]

An Easy Guide to Fence Supplies

Every homeowner should know about fence supplies and materials. Fences make it harder for unwanted people to enter your property, and keep who or what you want in the yard. Without a fence in your backyard or even in the front lawn, you’re making it easier for an intruder to, well, intrude. A[...]

Rustic Wood Fences for the Traditional Look

It has been said that "good fences make good neighbors." Nothing dresses up a home place, farm or ranch better than an aesthetically pleasing, fully functional fence. It completely changes the entire landscape for the better and increases property value. On the other hand, nothing looks worse[...]

Cost Effective Vinyl Fencing

If your old fence is tired and sagging and just about falling apart, and you’re in the market for something different, do yourself a favor and consider upgrading to a new vinyl fence. You’ll be surprised at all the benefits it offers, and all that you can do with it.

Round Rail Fences: Perfect Combination of Beauty and Durability

Round rail fences are as classic as wood fencing gets. This rustic, natural fence is quite effective in enclosing large areas and keeping livestock such as horses and cows corralled. A typical round rail fence is quite simple. Rails and rounded posts and rails are interchangeable.It is a very[...]